Advantages of Information Technology in the Business World

Learn about the advantages of information technology in business—and nearly every other industry.

advantages of information technology in business meeting

By Sarah Stevenson

Not only is information technology a fascinating and rewarding field for those with an interest in programming or computer systems, workers in nearly every other industry benefit from the advantages of information technology.

From high-speed communications systems to complex, specialized databases to customized internal computer networks, information technology is inseparable from the modern business world. In industries as diverse as health care, government, education and manufacturing, IT professionals work to meet a wide array of technology demands.

Top IT Jobs: An IT Professional for Every Occasion

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics describes different categories of IT workers, all of whom serve critical functions in every professional sector and allow businesses and individuals to enjoy the advantages of information technology.

  • Computer and information research scientists work in schools, scientific research firms and government agencies, developing solutions to problems in the information technology field and designing new products or systems.
  • Computer and information systems managers are in charge of the IT systems and equipment that a company needs, and they oversee the other IT professionals who maintain and use the technology.
  • Computer hardware engineers design and develop technological equipment, from the circuit boards used in business computers to the cellular phones we all can't do without.
  • Computer software engineers design and develop software applications used by businesses, schools, and individual consumers.
  • Database Administrators set up and maintain a business's database systems using database administration software. They are also responsible for ensuring the security of information within the databases.
  • Network systems and data communications analysts are in charge of designing, testing and evaluating network systems and recommending appropriate communications hardware and software.
  • Computer systems analysts help organizations design and develop computer systems that meet their specific needs, from specialized financial and accounting software to hardware and applications tailored for scientific research.
  • Network and computer systems administrators design, install, and maintain computer systems within an organization, such as LANs, Internet and Intranet systems.
  • Computer support specialists are vital to anyone using information technology: they're the ones who troubleshoot our technical problems, perform maintenance, and install computer equipment.

Businesses Thrive with Information Technology

Students, professionals and individual consumers across the board couldn't do without the advantages information technology provides; this means that highly skilled workers will continue to be in demand not only within the IT sector but throughout industry. If you want to help people and businesses meet their information technology needs, the information technology field is the place to be.