Can You Get a Business Law Online Degree?

Find out all the things you can do with a business degree in law online.

business law online degree grad walking to work

With a business law online degree, students will be prepared to enter an integral part of the business world. Every business, from single owner proprietorships to international corporations, relies on its business law associates to establish and maintain all legal aspects of the business, from hiring practices to taxes to intellectual property issues.

While studying for a business law online degree, your curriculum will include core courses such as:

  • Accounting for lawyers
  • Anti-trust and regulation
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Institutional economics
  • Community and economic development
  • Contracts
  • Taxation
  • International business transactions
  • Investment law

Financial institution law, patent law, securities regulation and intellectual property law may also be a part of your business law curriculum. You will also have a chance to specialize in a specific area of law, depending on which online business law program you choose.

Your business degree in law online will also help prepare you to sit for your state bar exams, the last step you have to take before practicing business law.

An online business law program will give you the opportunity to network with faculty and other students, which may help you find exciting job opportunities in business law.

After earning an online degree in business law, your options will range from joining a corporation as corporate counsel to creating your own business or partnership. In addition to law firms and corporations, there are also jobs for graduates of an online business law degree in academia, government organizations and the non-profit and public interest sectors.