Business Administration Career Quick Facts

Thinking of a career in business administration? See if you and business administration are a good fit.

What You'll Do

  • Oversee day-to-day operations in business
  • Develop strategies for improving processes
  • Study economic and market trends
  • Implement principles of business ethics
  • Implement and train on best leadership practices
  • Manage budgets

Managing people is the tip of the iceberg in business. With a career in business administration, organized and motivated managers can keep every aspect of an operation running smoothly and efficiently. Day-to-day operations are as important as a plan for the future. If you’ve thought of working in business administration, learn which personal and professional traits you’ll need to succeed in these careers.

You are...You should have...
Tech savvy Strong people skills
Enterprising Attention to details
A team player An interest in organizational systems
Goal oriented Negotiation skills
Highly organized The ability to focus

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