Sports Management Careers: 11 Traits for Success

Thinking of a career in sports management? The field is competitive, so see if you have the right traits to make the team.

What You'll Do

  • Work in business and sports medicine fields
  • Work with major or minor league teams
  • Manage sports facilities
  • Act as a trainer
  • Work in sports nutrition
  • Work in recruiting or for sports talent agencies
  • Work in public relations
  • Sports broadcasting
  • Conduct specialized research on sports and fitness

Enjoy pairing your passion for sports with your business acumen in the arena of sports management. Successful sports managers lead players, teams and organizations to greatness on and off the field. Sports management professionals are employed in vast environments, from academia to major or minor league teams, to talent agencies, public relations firms and in broadcasting. If you’ve thought of working in sports management, learn which personal and professional traits you'll need to succeed.

You are...

You should have...

A problem solver A passion for sports
Goal oriented People skills with groups and individuals
A team player Clear communication skills
Adaptable Interest in organizational systems
Resourceful Business savvy
Performance driven  

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