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Associate's Degree in Business Administration

Learn what you can do with an associate's degree in business administration.


An associate's degree in business administration prepares graduates to begin or advance their careers in the business world. It can also be a major step towards completing a bachelor's degree. Programs typically provide students with a comprehensive understanding of management principles, business-oriented technology and interpersonal skills.

Generally, course work for an associate's degree in business administration program covers the fundamentals of business, management, critical thinking, project planning and implementation, business software and communication.

What Can You Do with an Associate's Degree in Business Administration?

Many schools offer concentrations in specific areas of business administration, including health care administration, human resources and information systems. Through career-oriented courses, these programs help students build the skills and industry background information to qualify them for entry-level jobs in their specialty field.

With an associate's degree in business administration, graduates qualify for basic management and administrative roles in private, public and nonprofit organizations. Many find employment as management trainees or managers in the sales or retail industry. Others work as project assistants, office managers and technology-oriented support specialists.

Researching Your Program

As you can see, an associate's degree in business administration program can prepare you for any number of entry level positions, or ready you to earn your bachelor's degree. But, as you look for programs, consider this: Make sure you program is accredited! Why? Accreditation ensures quality, and that your school has passed a rigorous vetting process by experts in the business administration field, as well as academics and professionals who advise schools on how to offer programs that are up-to-date with curriculum. Here are some accreditation agencies to look out for as you do your research: