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Read about business leadership and management and find your best leadership training options.


Are You a Leader or Manager?

If you're debating between leadership training or management training in order to advance your business career, you should first get an idea of which one you are. It's easy to blur the lines of responsibility between management and leadership, but the two are actually quite different:

  • A manager is an individual who has a specific goal in any given business venture: to fulfill objectives and bring about the desired result.
  • Leadership professionals, on the other hand, are often the enterprising visionaries who create or dream up that "desired result."

Without leadership, there would be no goal to work toward, and quite possibly no business to drive. Once a business venture or model has been created and planned by people in the leadership role, the task falls upon the shoulders of a manager to work with a team to develop a particular component of the larger business scheme.

Augment Your Natural Abilities with Leadership Training

The ability to lead is generally considered to be innate: as they say, great leaders are born, not made. But finding the best business degree—either from a traditional or online college—in your leadership training program can help you learn to plan, direct and control the processes of a company or organization by teaching you management theory, human resources, psychology and behavior, accounting and quantitative basics—as well as critical decision-making skills.

Aspiring leaders can earn certificates, associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees or master's degrees. Programs for MBA—and even doctoral—degrees in leadership or organizational leadership can teach the skills needed to drive success and motivation in a high-level business career.

These, and other more specialized training and development programs in business leadership—such as the executive MBA in entrepreneurship—are often considered the best business degree for leaders. Many professionals find success in leadership or management consultant programs, and put their entrepreneurial and leadership skills to use helping companies identify new areas for growth.

Leadership vs. Management Traits

If you conduct a web search on leadership vs. management qualities, you'll see that several websites outline the two divergent but complementary skill sets that successful leaders and managers possess. In a nutshell, here are the basic attributes:

Personality Type
Task Execution
Vison/Belief/CommitmentGoals set by others
Power Base
Do the right thingDo things right

Despite the fact that business leadership professionals focus on generating and planning goals, while managers strive for results, the most successful candidates will combine the traits and strengths of these two challenging business professions. Managers and leaders are needed in every business and industry, and understanding where you fit into either—or both—of these important roles will help you tailor the best business degree program to your long-term business career goals.


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