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Marketing MBA or Marketing Master’s: Which to Get?


Both a marketing MBA and a marketing master’s degree will prepare you for marketing leadership positions across any number of business industries thanks to their robust programs.

While each track offers advanced training in marketing and managerial concepts and practices, they each have a distinct objective. Let’s break down their differences to better understand which may be right for you.

  • A marketing MBA trains you to develop a broad set of business skills that you will be able  to apply and transfer to other business arenas.
  • The highly specialized marketing master’s takes a less general path by offering students the opportunity to focus almost exclusively on marketing-related issues.

Popular Marketing Graduate Programs

Marketing MBA Degree

The curriculum for an MBA marketing degree generally involves corporate management and business strategy, organizational behavior and design, leadership training, and in-depth discussions of marketing methods and research as they relate to general management.

Marketing Master’s

Course work for a marketing master’s is typically comprised of the detailed study of marketing research and strategy, advertising, consumer behavior and psychology, communication, and sales research and management. Master’s in marketing classes also cover entrepreneurial marketing, multinational management and nonprofit marketing, to name a few.

Your marketing MBA or master’s in marketing will be instrumental in helping you achieve a position of leadership in your career. Many people with these advanced degrees become market research analysts, sales or territory managers, public relations managers, advertising managers and product managers.

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