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Where Can a Career in Brand Management Take You?


At the core, assuming a role in a brand management career means striving to create an instantly recognizable product image.

Responsible for coordinating product presentation, these managers must figure out how to create a personality for a product or service that will convey the intent of the product while also being unique and inspiring consumer trust.

This is a heady task that requires close attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of how customers think.

Brand marketing managers must possess exceptional insight into industry trends, consumer demands, and the broader world of marketing. Successful brand managers are creative, analytical thinkers who can work with "big idea" people and still manage minute details.

As with other marketing positions, brand managers often function within a team, and thus must be able to communicate easily and work well with others.

Brand Management Career Paths

Entry Level
Types of Roles:
Assistant brand manager
Getting There:
  • Communications, marketing or related bachelor's degree
  • Office skills
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Electronic and print media experience
  • Budget management experience
  • Develop brand strategy
  • Maintain brand image through promotional materials and product placement
  • Maximize sales of assigned brand
Mid Level
Types of Roles:
Brand manager
Getting There:
  • All entry-level requirements
  • MBA in marketing
  • Successful track record as assistant brand manager
  • Proven ability to anticipate new trends
  • Manage activities of assistant brand managers
  • Research impact of potential changes to brand
  • Implement major changes to brand that result in sales success
Senior Level
Types of Roles:
Senior brand manager
Getting There:
  • All mid-level requirements
  • Successful brand management experience within chosen field
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Provide marketing and placement leadership for a group of related products
  • Manage large, globally-recognized brands
  • Research competing brands and prepare subsequent strategy
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