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Marketing Manager Salaries and Job Outlook

A manager listens as a staffer speaks at a meeting
A manager listens as a staffer speaks at a meeting

Median Annual Salary

Salaries for marketing managers can vary widely based on a person's experience, their role or specialty, and the size of the company they work for. That said, the median annual salary for marketing managers is $135,030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Take a look at median annual salaries by state.

Marketing Managers

National data

Median Salary: $135,030

Projected job growth: 9.9%

10th Percentile: $77,680

25th Percentile: $100,010

75th Percentile: $192,520

90th Percentile: N/A

Projected job growth: 9.9%

State data

State Median Salary Bottom 10% Top 10%
Alaska $95,420 $60,400 $169,130
Alabama $103,170 $60,750 $207,820
Arkansas $126,500 $58,260 $206,380
Arizona $120,260 $74,300 N/A
California $163,420 $86,990 N/A
Colorado $160,530 $97,360 N/A
Connecticut $135,950 $78,660 N/A
District of Columbia $162,660 $100,010 N/A
Delaware $163,240 $117,630 N/A
Florida $127,140 $63,090 N/A
Georgia $127,690 $77,930 N/A
Hawaii $99,880 $61,510 $163,240
Iowa $120,010 $67,530 $203,040
Idaho $89,790 $47,800 $168,400
Illinois $127,300 $63,910 N/A
Indiana $120,740 $66,340 $201,380
Kansas $124,170 $73,050 $192,320
Kentucky $125,690 $60,080 N/A
Louisiana $98,320 $58,890 $193,750
Massachusetts $156,330 $83,940 N/A
Maryland $128,160 $78,400 N/A
Maine $108,770 $75,370 $169,130
Michigan $124,930 $61,360 N/A
Minnesota $152,350 $81,410 N/A
Missouri $102,060 $63,520 $191,790
Mississippi $82,240 $47,650 $166,180
Montana $99,510 $67,460 $206,380
North Carolina $129,570 $77,680 N/A
North Dakota $124,650 $81,400 N/A
Nebraska $99,070 $47,750 $163,180
New Hampshire $128,960 $78,400 N/A
New Jersey $163,290 $103,040 N/A
New Mexico $99,070 $59,370 $205,330
Nevada $100,040 $47,750 N/A
New York $169,130 $104,210 N/A
Ohio $127,860 $77,680 N/A
Oklahoma $104,740 $59,870 N/A
Oregon $125,900 $75,370 $206,890
Pennsylvania $127,690 $76,130 N/A
Rhode Island $152,350 $99,520 N/A
South Carolina $124,400 $61,330 $207,820
South Dakota $126,500 $79,860 N/A
Tennessee $103,750 $61,090 $182,540
Texas $128,030 $67,070 N/A
Utah $104,560 $61,190 $173,550
Virginia $162,640 $93,450 N/A
Vermont $99,480 $59,820 $161,630
Washington $152,350 $94,590 N/A
Wisconsin $124,570 $75,270 $206,890
West Virginia $81,810 $57,920 $168,400
Wyoming $102,330 $77,940 $169,130

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2021 median salary; projected job growth through 2031. Actual salaries vary depending on location, level of education, years of experience, work environment, and other factors. Salaries may differ even more for those who are self-employed or work part time.

In this Article

Wide Range of Salaries

Marketing manager careers are so varied today that it would be misleading to cite one general salary. Pay could depend on one of many specialties and demand for the role. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) takes technical knowledge to master, a skill that wasn't that common until recently.

Here's a look at median annual salaries for some common marketing careers.

Career Median Annual Salary
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists $63,920
Advertising and Promotions Managers $127,150
Public Relations Managers $125,780
Marketing Managers $135,030

Factors that Affect Salary

In marketing, your experience and the size of the company you work for can have a big influence on your salary.

"Your earning potential is heavily weighted on your work experience," says Laurie Ehrlich, founder and chief strategist at Elevate Marketing Strategy.

Larger companies often offer larger salaries, but in exchange, they'll look for job candidates who have extensive experience, possibly in a specialty.

In marketing, your experience and the size of the company you work for can have a big influence on your salary.

While smaller organizations may pay less, they can offer marketing professionals broader experience, and this can allow them to specialize while still learning the basics across several areas of marketing. This can be invaluable when seeking higher-paying opportunities.

Another factor that can affect your salary is your education. There are three common marketing degrees, and each level comes with deeper knowledge and skills:

Job Outlook

According to the BLS, overall employment for marketing managers is expected to grow 10 percent between 2021 and 2031, faster than the national average for other occupations.

As the world moves online more and more, the need for marketers who specialize in print media will decrease while the demand for digital marketers will grow. This means that marketing roles that focus on reaching consumers online through websites and social media could be a lucrative career choice.

Here's a look at projected job growth through 2031 for other marketing careers:

Public Relations Manager


Advertising Manager


Market Research Analyst


Public Relations Specialist


How Much Competition Will I Face for a Job?

Marketing professionals who understand and have experience in digital marketing tend to have an advantage when it comes to finding a job. Digital marketing has created many new marketing specialties to choose from, and all include managerial roles.

Marketing professionals who understand and have experience in digital marketing tend to have an advantage when it comes to finding a job.

Social media, digital content, SEO, and search engine marketing (SEM) are just some of the careers that have grown out of digital marketing.

How Do I Advance My Career?

The ability to spot and analyze trends to determine creative marketing strategies for clients is essential, and this comes with work experience.

In addition to experience, these tips could help you move up:

  • Learn to use software to target your digital audience, generate analytics, and track the performance of marketing campaigns.
  • Earn a certification in the marketing specialty that you want to pursue. If you're interested in data analytics, for example, you might consider the Insights Professional Certification, offered by the Insights Association. The American Marketing Association offers professional certifications in management, digital marketing, content marketing, and more.

Google offers several certifications in online advertising, and some job descriptions will specify a required credential. Twitter, Amazon, and software marketing companies such as HubSpot and Moz also offer various marketing certifications, including SEO credentials.

Marketing Manager Salary Comparison

Salaries for marketing managers are similar to pay for other managerial roles, but they trend a bit higher. Here's a look at salaries for comparable roles in other business careers.

Career Median Annual Salary
Marketing Managers $135,030
Human Resources Managers $126,230
Financial Managers $131,710
Project Management Specialists $94,500

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Written and reported by:

Emily Price

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Laurie Erlich

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