Which Business Specialty is Right for You?

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Business Jobs and Opportunities

The field of business is a vast one, and includes many exciting and intriguing careers. From traditional financial and accounting jobs to new post-digital-age positions, the landscape has never been more inviting for those seeking new opportunities.

man explains project to team

Certified Management Accountant

Use your strategic accounting management skills to inform business strategy.

woman presents marketing plan

Digital Marketer

Promote a company's brand and sell its products or services to consumers on digital channels.

financial analyst presents plan to company

Financial Analyst

Work with financial data to achieve the most financial reward while taking on the least risk.

woman shakes hands with male client

Financial Planner

Help clients achieve financial goals. Assist individuals or companies with financial planning and asset management.

forensic accountant on computer searches site for fraud

Forensic Accountant

Investigate and examine financial statements when fraud and other crimes are suspected.

sports agent signing papers with young female athlete and family member

Sports Agent

Represent and promote athletes during contract negotiations and in other financial and image matters.

a man and a woman in a warehouse review information on a laptop

Supply Chain Manager

Oversee a business' production process, from sourcing materials to distribution of the finished product.

accountant reviews financial data for team on monitor

Certified Public Accountant

Perform a variety of services, including tax preparation and auditing, for individuals, companies, or the government.

man white boards brand plan to small team

Brand Manager

Create a personality for a product that will convey its intent while also being unique and inspiring consumer trust.

accountant working in warehouse

Cost Accountant

Understand and determine the precise costs associated with a product and use that information to set appropriate prices.

magnifying glass inspecting irs 1040

Government Accountant

Work in the public sector to maintain and examine the records of government agencies, as well as audit private businesses.

man in tie working on calculator to balance investment

Investment Banker

Help companies raise money by creating securities—stocks, bonds, and other financial entities—to be sold in capital markets.

hands showing profit graph on tablet

Corporate Financial Analyst

Chart a company's financial course based on goals prescribed by management, and use your skills to keep the company on track.

leadership team high five each other

Non-Profit Leadership

Utilize leadership practices that will help your non-profit weather the economic storm while still preparing for a better future.

woman takes inventory at retail clothing store

Retail Manager

Be in charge of making your store—or stores—function, from the highest corporate level to inventory to interactions on the sales floor.

woman actuary assesses risk on client file


Use your knowledge to assess risk, formulate policies and minimize the associated costs of risk for the insurance, finance and legal industries.

female loan officer sits at computer

Loan Officer

Understand loans and mortgages and help customers identify and apply for funding that's a good match for their needs and credit.

female insurance agent reviews policy with two customers

Insurance Agent

Specialize in life, health, property or other types of insurance, and work to connect your clients to policies that meet their needs.

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